9 Reasons I Loved My Days as a Small Church Pastor

The first church I pastored had 19 attenders my first Sunday, and we averaged about 125 when I left there about 2½ years later. Those days were a long time ago, but I still remember fondly the joys of shepherding that group of people.

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8 Ways to Determine What Masters You

Jesus warned us that we cannot serve two masters (Luke 16:13), but many of us struggle with this battle. It’s hard not to allow other things in our life to rise to the level of a master.

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8 Ways the Internet Can Hurt the Church

I’m grateful for the Internet. Via it, we can find available resources, communicate with missionaries, train international believers, and evangelize the global lost. On the other hand, here are some ways the use of the Internet has hurt the church.

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Daily Devotional

A Daily Devotional from Chuck Lawless