12 Reasons People Stay in a Struggling Church

Yesterday, I published a post about why people leave a church. In our consulting work, we also often talk with people who are seriously frustrated with their church – but who stay there anyway. Here’s why.

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12 Reasons People Leave a Local Church

Over the years of my ministry, I’ve talked to many people who chose to leave a church even though they still lived in the same area. Here are some of the primary reasons given for leaving (without commentary on the validity of each one).

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3 Fears of A Young Minister

I’m in my first year of a paid ministry position. As a young minister, I’ve noticed fears that have crept into my life as I have stepped into ministry. I believe that by my exposing these fears to the gospel, the church can encourage and speak truth into young ministers like me. Here are three fears that I am battling in my first year as a minister:

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How to Deal with Criticism

I don’t like criticism. I don’t like it when someone negatively critiques my sermon, my blogs, my teaching, or anything else. I want to…

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Daily Devotional

A Daily Devotional from Chuck Lawless