8 Steps to Reaching a Lost Loved One

Tomorrow would have been the 78th birthday of my dad, who passed away four years ago. He became a believer at age 71 (click here to hear my testimony of his conversion). Maybe these steps will help you if you’re trying to reach a lost loved one.

  1. Pray. That might seem obvious, but prayer sometimes becomes more sporadic the longer we wait for someone to get saved. We prayed more than 36 years for my dad to come to know the Lord. Keep praying!
  2. Get others to pray. Everywhere I traveled in North America and around the world, I asked believers to join me in praying. I’m convinced God heard all those prayers in multiple languages.
  3. Don’t miss opportunities to love. Frankly, my dad and I did not have a strong relationship as I was growing up. I made a commitment, though, not to miss calling him on Father’s Day and his birthday after I left home. Sometimes the little steps of love can soften a heart to the gospel.
  4. Live a life of faithful obedience. I didn’t realize it until after my dad became a believer, but he had been watching me and my brother, who is also a Christian. Dad saw that the gospel changes lives.
  5. Watch for times to invite your loved one to church. My parents didn’t regularly attend church, but they would come when their grandkids were doing something. Don’t miss those opportunities to invite your loved one to join you at church.
  6. Speak as opportunities allow. My dad was not opposed to talking about the gospel before he turned to Christ, but he was more inclined toward intellectual discussions about multiple ways to God, etc. If that’s the open door you get, walk through it.
  7. Pray for others who also might be sharing the gospel. In my case, my brother and his family lived near my parents after Pam and I moved away. They had more time and opportunities to share the gospel personally, so I cranked up my praying on their behalf.
  8. Don’t let the devil rob you of your hope. God loves your loved one more than you do, and He sent His Son to die on his or her behalf. Keep praying. Keep trusting. Keep believing.

Let us know how we might join you in praying for your loved one this holiday season. 


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