7 Good Things to Say to Your Pastor this Weekend

Pastors hear a lot on a weekend – some of it good, but much of it challenging. If you want to encourage your pastor this weekend, think about one of these good things to say:  

  1. “Thank you for being my pastor.” Few pastors expect those words, but all appreciate them. These few words can erase a lot of negative ones.
  2. “I prayed for you today.” Of course, do it first – and then let your pastor know. Pastors miss a blessing if they never know who’s praying for them.
  3. “I’m glad God called you here.” There’s something supernatural about a pastor and a congregation being connected at the heart. Don’t take that relationship lightly.
  4. “I love your family.” If you love your pastor’s family, you’ll make your pastor’s day. Too many pastoral families suffer without support in a tough congregation.
  5. “God’s teaching me through you.” It’s always good for a pastor to hear that someone’s actually listening and growing. Tell your pastor what you’ve learned.
  6. “Would you join me in praying for my lost friend, _________?” As a pastor, I love it when I learn that someone else is burdened for non-believers. And, I’m humbled when someone trusts me to pray with him or her.  
  7. “I’ve got your back.” Some pastors are in tough situations, and they need to know that at least somebody’s on their side. Guard your pastor’s back in prayer privately and in conversations publicly. 

Go out of your way to encourage your pastor this weekend. You won’t regret it.   


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