A Challenge to Write and Send an Email about Your Church

The church where I serve as part of our pastoral team, Restoration Church, is going through a transition. We’re a three-year-old church plant that meets in a YMCA in Wake Forest, NC. Just two weeks ago, we learned that the YMCA is leaving the facility, and we would have just a few weeks to find a new meeting place. It looks like we have found that place, but the change will require us to purchase some new equipment, revise our documents, update our website, and lead our folks to look forward to the change.

Through this transition, I’ve grown to love our congregation even more, and I’m even more honored to be a part of the church. In fact, I plan to send the following email to friends this weekend simply to (1) publicly thank the Lord; (2) share my heart; and (3) seek prayer for our congregation.

I’m sharing this email with you to challenge you to send to your friends some kind of prayer request email about your church. You never know what God might do through your congregation when many join you in prayer this weekend.

             Dear ______________,

I’m writing to ask you for prayer. The church where Pam and I attend, Restoration Church, has been a great gift to us. We love our pastoral team and are deeply grateful for their passion, their vision, and their leadership. They seriously want us to touch our city and the world with the good news of Jesus. And, they genuinely love us (Pam and I make up the majority of the senior adult department in the church, and I think they love old people!). 

We recently learned unexpectedly that our current meeting place, the YMCA in Wake Forest, will no longer be available after this month. We think we’ve found a new location, though, and we’re quickly working on making adjustments, purchasing some new equipment, and getting the word out about a new meeting place and time. 

Would you please join us in prayer this weekend as we work through this transition? We’re excited about what God is doing, as this change has forced us to seek Him and lean on one another like we did the first days of the church plant. Your prayers will only give us more confidence as we press forward.

Thanks for your friendship,


You know what kind of email you might send about the needs in your church. Take the challenge – write one, send it, and look forward to what God will do in response to the praying! And, would you direct others to this site so they can pray with us as well?  


  • Christoph says:

    Such a letter needs honesty and openness and sent to the right people. If it is just for prayer, so to speak, keep it as general as possible. You could be in a church that needs some changes and a spirit of thinking outside the box. But perhaps the majority of the church have a feeling “everything is okay” especially if the monthly budget is met or surpassed

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