Saturday Suggestions–February 24, 2018

Be sure to check out these important recent posts:

“God Did the Work, Period” by John Piper

Read Dr. Piper’s tribute to Billy Graham. It’s worth it.


How to Pastor Women (without Making Them Feel Uncomfortable) by Brian Croft

Some good suggestions for ministering well without putting yourself in positions of potential compromise.


3 Leadership Copouts that Sound Spiritual, But Aren’t by Carey Nieuwhof

If you’ve ever used these statements, this post might aggravate you – but that’s why you need to read it.


10 Things Great Leaders Grant Their Teams by Ron Edmondson

There’s a lot packed in these ten concepts. Even choosing a couple of them will help you lead better.  


On the Changing President of the IMB by Scott Hildreth

A helpful word from my colleague and friend at Southeastern Seminary

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