Saturday Suggestions: April 7, 2018

Check out these helpful posts:


5 Simple Leadership Hacks That Produce More Than You Think by Carey Nieuwhof

A complex topic made a little more simple. These are great hacks to get a grasp on leadership.


4 Lessons I Learned from My Dad, a Faithful Pastor for 37 Years by Megan Hill

I'm reminded that our legacy as parents and pastors can impact many for Jesus. I pray that mine does. 


7 Small Changes Which Produce Huge Results by Ron Edmondson

If you're looking to grow as a leader, try starting small with one of these suggested changes. 


Four Ways to Deal With Tricky Questions in Your Group by Ken Braddy

Challenging questions are bound to come. Resources like this will help equip you to respond.


How Do We Handle Multiple Services at the Same Location by Danny Franks

I've pastored a multi-service church, and still I learned from these great thoughts. 

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