Saturday Suggestions: June 2, 2018

Check out these helpful posts:

High-Fiving Out of Your Comfort Zone by Kevin Harris

Growing more like Jesus requires intentionally engaging the people around us. It may be as simple as starting with a high-five.


When You Ignore Christians in Need, Jesus Takes it Personally by J.D. Greear

The "least of these" Jesus speaks of in Matthew refers to Christians who are in need. J.D. Greear challenges us to truly care for our brothers and sisters in Christ.


A Warning to Those Who Work with Words by Tim Challies

God has gifted Christians in a variety of ways. Tim Challies speaks to those with the gift of words and explains how to more effectively minister alongside believers with different gifts. 


What To Do When You Discover That Passion Alone Isn’t Enough by Scott Cochrane

While passion in leadership is important, it is not the only necessary quality. Passion and discipline go hand-in-hand in healthy leadership.


3 Marks of Humility in Leadership by Eric Geiger

Christlike leaders are not prideful. Eric Geiger shows us three important traits of humble leaders.

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