Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

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Your Church is Not Too Small for Global Missions by Scott Slayton

Your church doesn't have to have a large membership to participate in missions. Scott Slayton offers four practical ways for your congregation to get involved.

Pick Up Your Feet by Mike Bonem

While circumstances in your ministry may be challenging, often a change in perspective will help you work through the situation. Mike Bonem explains how, and offers biblical support for the importance of adjusting your mindset. 

4 Simple Ways to Transform Your Church Worship Service by David Prince

Oftentimes, it's easy to become so accustomed to our church vernacular that we forget how unwelcome an outsider might feel. David Prince gives suggestions for ensuring everyone is able to hear and understand the gospel message in our churches.

Pastoring in Light of Technology by Trevor Atwood

If we don't act with wisdom in our use of social media, our relationships will suffer. Trevor Atwood provides pastors with three important topics to teach and practive concerning our in-person interactions.


In case you missed this week's posts at, here's the week in review:

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3. 10 Simple Ways to Reach Your Neighbors for Jesus

4. Why My Singleness Matters – Guest Blog by Anna Schaeffer

5. The Pastor's Day Off: Monday? Friday? Another Day?


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