Saturday Suggestions, Week in Review

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5 Reminders for Your New Season by Eric Geiger

Whether we have been in our ministry position for years, or we are stepping into a different role, the start of a new season often brings change. Eric Geiger points out key reminders for leaders navigating a change.

No Excuses for Preaching Bad Sermons by Tim Challies

Many preachers today utilize numerous resources in their sermon preparations. But, as Tim Challies warns, the resources we rely on may actually prevent us from knowing the text for ourselves.

Tips for Leading Older, and Often Wiser, People by Ron Edmondson 

Our churches and ministries are stronger when they are made up of multiple generations. Ron Edmondson shares how we can lead those who are older than we are and learn from their wisdom.

What Does the Bible Say About Giving? by Art Rainer 

Giving is an important disicpline for believers. Using Scripture as a model, Art Rainer explains why giving is important, as well as what it should look like biblically.

In case you missed this week's posts at, here's the week in review:

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3. 10 Words of Gratitude from a Preacher

4. 10 Questions to Ask About Your Church Staff Meetings

5. 8 Things to Remember When It Feels Like the Devil's Winning

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