10 Things that Church Leaders Don’t Think about Enough  

Today, my personal reflection has led to thinking about stuff I ought to be thinking about more as a Christian leader. I doubt I’m alone in these deficits, so I list some of them here for your consideration:

  1. Raising up new leaders. Instead, many of us simply prefer to do the work ourselves. Raising up others takes too much time.
  2. Finishing well. We don’t think about the end until we get closer to it – and that leaves us vulnerable in the present.
  3. Saying “thank you” to spouses. Most of us would not be where we are were it not for them—but we too seldom say thanks.
  4. Being amazed by our calling. None of us is worthy of leading God’s people. He calls us by His grace and for His glory—not because we’re so good.
  5. Praying. Studies have shown that leaders—particularly pastors—don’t pray nearly as much as one might think.
  6. Becoming more like Jesus. We preach that direction (Rom. 8:29), but we don’t often ask, “Am I more like Jesus today than I was yesterday? Last week? A year ago?”
  7. Answering to God for the people we lead. Hebrews 13:17—”. . . they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account”—ought to change the way we serve.
  8. Developing relationships with non-believers. Too often, we wait for them to come to us in the midst of our doing ministry.
  9. Growing as a leader. Sure, we want to grow—and ministry forces us to grow sometimes—but we don’t always seek outside help to see ourselves clearly and make needed adjustments.
  10. Daily watching for glimpses of God’s glory. When you wake up watching for God to show His power in your life and ministry, you’ll carry out your responsibilities with more fervor and anticipation. We just don’t think much about turning our eyes in that direction.

Do you need to give more attention to any of these things?




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