7 Ways to Pray for Victims of Hurricane Dorian

My wife and I live in North Carolina, a state hit hard by hurricanes over the last few years. Watching news coverage of Hurricane Dorian as it shattered the Bahamas and made its way up the U.S. coast, I’m reminded to pray for those who’ve faced this storm up close. I encourage you to use this guide to pray today, and then invite others to join us in praying.

  1. Pray for families who’ve lost loved ones in the storm. I cannot imagine the agony they face.
  2. Pray for families who’ve lost their homes. As you see the devastation, pray for the people whose lives have been seriously disrupted.
  3. Pray that affected believers will be strong witnesses. The world is more inclined to pay attention to our faith when we still have peace in the midst of great turmoil. Pray for that kind of joy for these believers.
  4. Pray for pastors in the region. They’re likely already ministering to others. It’s possible their own lives have been affected, and still they serve and give. Lift up their ministry efforts through prayer.
  5. Pray for first responders and disaster relief workers. Some folks have already made their way into the storm-affected areas, and others will follow in the weeks to come. Pray for their safety, energy, focus, and health.
  6. Pray for children affected by the storm. Memories can be haunting, especially for little ones.
  7. Pray that somebody might become a follower of Christ in the midst of hurricane recovery. Only God knows how He might use this event to draw someone to Himself.

Thanks for praying today. 



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