06/16/15 The Wonder of Prayer

READING: 1 Kings 9; 2 Chronicles 8

TEXTS AND APPLICATION: These chapters speak of Solomon’s building endeavors in his kingdom. Included in 1 Kings 9, though, is God’s response to Solomon’s prayer of dedication of the Temple (also found in 2 Chron. 7; see devotion for 06/14/15). Today, this simple phrase arrests me:

1 Kgs. 9:3  The Lord said to him [Solomon], “I have heard your prayer and petition you have made before Me.” 

That’s amazing, actually. In yesterday’s devotion, the psalmist encouraged us to praise God over and over again as the exalted Creator who put the stars in place.  With the power of His word, He made all that exists – and yet He has an ear to my voice. Over the combined roar of the oceans that submit to Him, the birds that sing to Him, and the winds that obey Him, God listens to me when I speak to Him. He hears me.

I say it again: that’s amazing.

How can I not want to talk to Him?

PRAYER: Just pray that I will pray. And, take the time the time today to pray as well. Be amazed that He listens.

TOMORROW’S READING: Proverbs 25-26



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