An Invitation to Bible Study

If you follow my weekly posts at Thom Rainer’s site (, you may recall that I described my Bible reading plan at the beginning of 2014 ( I’m following the same plan this year using the Chronological Bible Reading Plan and the Holman Christian Standard Bible.

I’m sure this plan is not for everyone, but it’s helped me to stay consistent with my reading. I genuinely look forward to spending time in God’s Word and learning from Him. Each day, I also send to my accountability partners (including my wife) a brief report about what I’ve read.  For this site, I’ve adapted those reports and included them as daily devotions to which you may subscribe via the sidebar on this page.

If you are not reading the Word daily, maybe this approach is one way for you to start the second half of 2015. If you are reading the Word consistently, I certainly don’t want to change what works for you. Either way, though, I hope these devotions might be an encouragement and challenge to you.   

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