Remembering My Dad

This weekend, we’re honoring fathers. Today, I remember my dad. He did not become a believer until he was in his 70s. For years, he and I had a difficult relationship. Many were the days I struggled to love him as God expected.

When God saved Dad, though, He changed him completely. It was such a dramatic change that we literally had to get to know a new man after his conversion. He was without question a trophy of God’s grace until he passed away a few years ago. The picture above is my younger brother baptizing our dad — my brother’s first baptism.

We prayed for 30+ years for my dad to become a believer. If you’ve been praying for a loved one for years – and if you’re close to giving up – I invite you to listen to my brief testimony (less than five minutes) of dad’s conversion at  I pray it brings encouragement to you and to others. In the comments section, let us know how we might pray for your dad.


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