Announcing: A Blog Post Series to Help You Assess Your Church

Some years ago, I wrote a book called Discipled Warriors, which talks about how the enemy attacks God’s church – and how the church can overcome his attacks. In that book, I argue that a healthy church stands on a biblical foundation, lives out six purposes (worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, prayer, and fellowship), helps its members apply biblical truth (in their personal life, their family, their church, and their workplace), and takes the gospel to the nations. 

The model of a healthy church looks like this:

Based on this model, consider these questions as you evaluate your church today:

  1. What questions should you ask as you evaluate your church? (Obviously, I’m offering some here . . . ).
  2. Is your church built on a biblical foundation?
  3. Is your church genuinely a worshiping church?
  4. Is your church an evangelistic church?
  5. Is your church a disciplemaking church?
  6. Is your church a ministering church?
  7. Is your church a praying church?
  8. Is your church a fellowshipping church?
  9. Is your church a global church?
  10. Are you a Great Commission leader? 
  11. What first steps should you take to strengthen your congregation?

Over the next two weeks, I want to help you assess your church based on this model and these questions. Each day, I will post a series of questions to “unpack” and drill down into each of the questions above. For example, tomorrow I’ll give you ten questions to help you respond to the question, “Is my church built on a biblical foundation?” Some of the questions may surprise you, but I hope they’re challenging and helpful.

Feel free to add questions to each list, and invite your church members and staff to join us in the discussions. 

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