Just Thinking about Sunday Morning. . .

In just a few hours, I (and many of us) will stand before the people of God to proclaim the Word of God in the power of God for the glory of God. Not one part of that sentence eases my mind completely, though:

I will stand = That's me. A sinner. Trained, but stupid sometimes. Wanting to glorify God, but also really liking pats on the back if the sermon or the lesson is decent. Aware — and afraid — that I sometimes do this task in my own strength. 

the people of God = God's family. Those who have followed Him, with perhaps some who have not yet turned to HIm in the mix. Like Jesus' disciples, they don't always listen. They squabble and they fail. Sometimes they might even stab me in the back. But some will "get it" and become trophies of God's grace. 

to proclaim the Word of God = to speak, to announce, to explain a perfect Word that God breathed to us as He carried along writers by the power of the Spirit. There's nothing quite like it anywhere, and I'm not given much time to proclaim or teach it. I desperately don't want to treat it lightly or get it wrong. That's weighty.

in the power of God =  Mysterious. Hard to comprehend truth. The Spirit of God, the third person of the Trinity, lives in me. He will convict my hearers of sin, righteousness, and judgment. In fact, He will convict me of my own sin before I ever stand before God's people. He uses the words of my mouth to drill God's truth into the lives of hearers. 

for the glory of God = That's not me. Not even close. What I do today can't be about me. 

God help me.  


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