09/05/15 For I Have Spoken

READING: Ezekiel 28-31

TEXTS AND APPLICATION:  Today’s reading focuses on God’s judgment on the nations, including Tyre, Sidon, Egypt, and Assyria. Within these four chapters, though, is a continuing pattern of God’s making Himself known both to Ezekiel and to the nations. Notice the recurrent phrases that show God to be a God who speaks to people:

  • The word of the Lord came to me” [Ezekiel] occurs eight times. 
  • This is what the Lord God says” (or a similar phrase) occurs sixteen times. 
  • For I have spoken” (or a similar phrase) occurs  two times. 
  • This is the declaration of the Lord God” occurs four times.
  • Then they will know that I am the Lord” (or a similar phrase) occurs twelve times. 

Our God is a communicating God. He raises up His spokesmen who declare His message. He initiates the message, confirms the message, and uses the message to make Himself known. Whether He speaks through judgment on the nations or restoration of His people, He declares His name to the world. I am reminded again that He is so much different from idols that have mouths but cannot speak. 

Even today, God speaks to us through His Word. Thus, many of us are doubly blessed: our God communicates through His Word, and we have copies of that Word in its entirety in our language. We must not take either gift lightly. 

PRAYER: Father, thank You that You speak. Thank You that the words You speak are true. Thank you that through Your Word, we learn that You are the Lord. And thank you that we have Your Word in our language. We are blessed indeed.”  



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