Thank You, Church Workers

Thank you, church worker, for your service today. In a world of billions of people, hundreds of thousands of church workers, and even a few “superstar” church leaders who seem to get most of the attention, it’s possible you served in anonymity today. It might be that you:

  • Went out of your way to provide transportation for someone else to attend church, and no one knows you did it.
  • Greeted with your smile dozens or hundreds of people at the door, all the while knowing that the stress in your life makes you long for a smile and a hug yourself.
  • Ministered to infants who felt your warm embrace, but who could not say “thank you.”
  • Cared for little ones so their parents could participate in small group and worship, but who didn’t show much appreciation. In fact, somebody may have even gotten upset at something . . .
  • Taught a lesson to young children who perhaps listened to something you said, though you’re not sure.
  • Opened the Bible today for kids who would not have heard the Bible otherwise this week, but you did so in the obscurity of a small room somewhere buried in a church building.
  • Led teens to study the Word of God, even while you wondered if you were connecting with them at all.
  • Had what seemed to be a great lesson with students today, but then they ran out of the room with their friends as if God hadn’t shown up in your group today.
  • Served to lead a congregation in worship today, giving them every ounce of your energy, realizing they had no idea how much preparation went on this past week.
  • Played the instrument you’ve played every weekend for years to facilitate worship, and you sometimes wonder if others ever take your service for granted.
  • Proclaimed the Word of God, but you struggled through your points – and right now, you’re beating yourself up.
  • Preached what you thought was one of your better sermons, yet no one responded in any visible way.
  • Served in any other capacity today, but it felt like you were alone.

I don’t know what you did in your church today. I do know that the Enemy often wants us to give up after some Sundays. If that’s where you are, know this: God knows your heart, and He didn’t miss your service. And, for what it’s worth, some of us do recognize that we would not reach our neighbors and the nations were it not for faithful, obedient, godly believers who serve every Sunday – even when the work is hard and sometimes lonely. 

Thank you, friends. 


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