12 Thank You Notes or Emails to Write this Year

My wife has taught me the importance of handwriting thank you notes. I’ve never known her not to write such a note when warranted – and she reminds me to take care of my responsibilities as well. Maybe you’d prefer to send a text or an email, but I nevertheless encourage you to express your thanksgiving to several people this year. With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, surprise somebody between now and then with a word of thanksgiving. 

  1. Your spouse – A surprise thank you can go a long way.
  2. Your children – Let them know you really are grateful for them. Your little ones might even appreciate getting a note in the mail.
  3. Your parents – If your parents are living, send them a word of thanks as appropriate. No matter how old we get, gratitude is still welcome.
  4. Your pastor – It’s no longer Pastor Appreciation Month, but that reality makes a note of thanksgiving that much more significant.
  5. Your church staff members – Sometimes (and wrongly), staff members aren’t honored during Pastor Appreciation Month. Thank them now with a brief note.
  6. Your small group leaders – They serve week after week, with no expectation of recognition. For that reason, do recognize them.
  7. Your children’s Bible study teachers – I love children, but I’m not sure if I could teach them every week. So, I’m grateful for those who do. If you’re grateful, too, tell them.
  8. The person who led you to the Lord – If he or she is still alive, send a note. What greater gift than Jesus can someone give you?
  9. The person who most inspires you today – Seldom do we realize how much people watch our lives. Say thanks to the one whose life most challenges and inspires you.
  10. A present or former teacher – I’m biased, I admit it, but teachers make a difference. A note to your teacher (or your child’s teacher) can encourage someone to press on through another day.
  11. A non-believing friend – Perhaps you have a friend who doesn’t yet follow Jesus, but who is important to you. An unexpected thank you note can strengthen that relationship – and maybe open the door to sharing the gospel.
  12. God – After all, He’s the source of all our blessings. Journal a prayer of thanksgiving to Him today. 

What other notes would you add to this list?  

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