Saturday Suggestions: January 30, 2016

Here are some suggested readings for believers this week:

7 Vital Components of Church Revitalization by Ron Edmondson

This post is an older one, but it’s worth the read. Leaders and laity committed to church revitalization need to know these components – up front. 


How to Know if God is Calling You to Ministry Leadership by Brandon Cox

I’m always looking for testimonies and resources to help folks with this question. Brandon shares his own story while also giving general helpful guidance you might use for yourself or for others.  


7 Questions that Measure Team Culture by Jason Vernon

I’ve recently become a team leader in one organization for which I work. This concise series of questions gives me relevant, significant direction in evaluating my team. I encourage you to read it.


Fearless about Feedback by the Leadership Hub

Take a few minutes to read these stats if you have employees or volunteers with whom you work. Just skimming the data will make you think about how you follow up with your team. 


7 Mistakes in Public Speaking by Chuck Lawless

Ministry is about publicly teaching and preaching the Word. Much of the work of any business is about public speaking. Here are several mistakes I’ve often seen.


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