Saturday Suggestions: April 2, 2016

Here are some suggested readings for believers this week:

The Saturday Donut by Jamie Dew

I know Jamie Dew well, and he knows what being a father means. This simple, short post will challenge you to establish traditions with your kids and grandkids.


Faithfulness Shrinks You Down to a Grasshopper by Trevin Wax

In this post, Trevin turns some common thinking upside down. Definitely worth reading. 


Why God Used Robert Murray McCheyne by Alvin Reid

This brief post challenged me to look at my life – particularly at my fervor for Christ. Take some time to be challenged by my friend and colleague, Alvin Reid.  


Why Don’t We Follow All of the Old Testament Laws? by J.D. Greear

An important question – and a helpful response from a pastor/theologian. You never know when you might need this answer. 


Why We Must Love Unlovable Church Members by Chuck Lawless

Maybe you need these reminders today . . . or perhaps you’ll need them tomorrow.            

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