12 Books I Could Write for Pastors Today

I’m in the process now of writing my next two books, one that focuses on temptation and the other on biblical spiritual warfare. It seems to me, though, that I could write these books for pastors today:

  1. In a Hurry: How I Messed Up My Church by Pushing Change Too Quickly. I was sure I’d done my homework and laid the groundwork, but I misread the congregation. I did it more than once, actually. 
  2. Hanging in There: Why It’s Important that My Calling Was So Strong. Several times in 35 years of ministry, I’ve returned to God’s clear word to me in 1974: “I want you to preach my Word.”  
  3. Like Spurgeon and Others: Discouragement, Depression, and Ministry. I’ve been there, running the race under God’s call but seemingly hitting an emotional wall.
  4. Humility: How I Learned I Really Wasn’t God’s Gift to the Church. I was a 20 year old pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in Ohio. Surely, everyone else saw how significant I was to the kingdom. I was wrong, on many levels.
  5. Rookie Preacher: Why My Early Sermons Should Be Destroyed. I can only trust that God has supernaturally consumed any remaining cassette tapes of those sermons that had great passion but often little biblical exposition.  
  6. Grabbed by the Globe: A Local Church Pastor Hearing the Call of the World. A single conversation with a women’s missionary leader, coupled with a friendship with global workers with the Voice of America, radically changed me. God has continued to broaden that perspective through many means.
  7. Fundamentalism with a Capital “F”: Being Mean and Leaving the Gospel Out at the Same Time. I’ve been there, too – preaching against everyone else’s sin to earn a loud “amen” while failing to talk much about the forgiving love of God.
  8. Just Let Me Go to My Corner: Confessions of a Ministry Introvert. If I had my way, I’d write this book during a churchwide fellowship dinner . . . .
  9. Can I Please Take That Back?: Dumb Things I’ve Said from the Pulpit. Actually, this book could become a series, I’m afraid. Check out this post to see some things I wish I’d never said when preaching.
  10. Obedience: A Professor of Evangelism Doing Evangelism. I may carry the title, but still I must make myself to tell others about Jesus. Obedience demands I push beyond my excuses.
  11. Chuck’s Believe It or Not: True Stories of Ministry in God’s Church. Most of us could write our own version of this book, as it’s hard to make up some of the stuff we deal with in ministry. And yet, God loves us all. 
  12. Joy in the Morning: Why I’d Do It All Over Again. I wouldn’t trade my years of pastoral ministry. In fact, I’d go back there in a heartbeat if God so called. 

What books could you write today? 


  • Ken says:

    I could write a couple of them: (1)”Things They Never Taught Me in Seminary”. I’m thankful for my seminary training, and it helped prepare me for ministry in many ways, but some things can only be learned by personal experience. (2) “The Folly of Hero Worship”. In my younger days, I was often awed and even intimidated by other pastors who’d been in ministry longer than I had. Now that I’m a 21-year veteran, I’ve learned that even the best pastors are no more than human.

  • Chuck Lawless says:

    Good additions, Ken. Thanks!

  • David nies-berger says:

    Dr. L this is one of my favorites so far. I think I checked off at least 6 in my own walk. Thank you for allowing us to laugh at ourselves and praise God for His grace

  • Chuck Lawless says:

    Thanks, bro.

  • Jim Ashby says:

    1.) “Leading the Way” vs. “Setting an Example”: Why following Christ example demands you burn most your books on Leadership.

    2.) No Small People, No Small Places: Why Jesus and Francis Schaeffer loved those without influence and had so much greater influence because of it

    3.) Bi-Vocational/Non-vocational: Why I am a better example to the flock when I still work “in the world” instead of becoming a monastic clergy ministry expert.

    4.) Church “Events” vs. Family Life: Why my ministry is better than your ministry (a case study in hurt pride and brave stances by fathers)

    5.) Elder Disqualification: How the church, lack of real world skill, and full time ministry make it almost impossible to remove a disqualified elder (especially when he feel a really strong call to keep pastoring)

    6.) Shepherd YOUR flock: Why trying to do “great things” can cost you your flock

    7.) Your not a guru: Stop acting like one and love your neighbor

    8.) Able to teach: Does it REALLY take you 40 hours a week to write that sermon? Preaching the simple truths of scripture and living it out in front of people.

    9.) We need volunteers: Why trying to dictate and control the growth of “ministries” destroys them from the get-go. If you think its a good idea you do it…..

    10.) The are image bearers too: Why you don’t have the patent on creativity and vision setting for the life of your flock and their God-given talents.

  • Well, let’s get busy then. We are seeking new authors.

  • Chuck Lawless says:

    Not sure you’d want these titles. 🙂

  • David says:

    L is for Legalism: How to Destroy your Ministry using a List of Rules and Requirements

  • Don Matthews says:

    I want to write a book on “The Jethro Principle of Leadership. The unsung hero.”. I believe one could make a case that elements of our process of government can be found in his advice to Moses.

  • Joe Brooks says:

    Your Book #5; I could write that book too. A.T. Robertson once said, “The Bible must be the word of God because it has endured two centuries of poor preaching.”

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