Saturday Suggestions: May 21, 2016

Here are some suggested readings for believers this week:

The Balancing Act of Ministry and Family by John Ewart, Jamie Dew, and David Horner

It’s worth your time to listen to these three men who have served as pastor talk about learning how to balance ministry and family. The time you give to listen will pay off in the end.


7 Things that Churches Should Know About the New Overtime Regulations by Art Rainer

These rules may well apply to your church as well, so make sure you’re aware of them.


3 Reasons to Stay in a Church That’s Not Cool Enough by Michael Kelley

Before you leave a church, this short post is worth reading. It hits us at our consumerism. 


7 Pitfalls of Leadership Which Can Derail a Leader by Ron Edmondson

All leaders need to hear these warnings. It won’t take you long to read the post, but it can save you some heartache.


Twelve Traits Common to Every Happy Marriage by Jim Daly

Check out this Focus on the Family brief summary of a study of happy marriages. Bottom line: happiness in marriage is a choice.   

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