Saturday Suggestions: May 28, 2016

Here are some suggested readings for believers this week:

The Six Top Factors in Growing Churches by Gary McIntosh

Gary McIntosh is a church growth expert. Take some time to read the results of a study of factors in growing churches.   


The Question to Ask When Answers are Unclear by Melissa Kruger

If you’ve wrestled with the “cloudiness” of life, this post will help you trust what you know. It’s worth your time.


4 Principles for Using Your Power as a Leader by Randy Conley

If you’re a leader, this post will challenge you to test your heart. 


What Pastors Can Do about the Gender Neutral Bathroom Controversy by Sam Rainer

It’s no secret that the church must deal with difficult issues in culture – and the issues are becoming more controversial. Sam’s guiding principles are helpful ones.


12 Guidelines for Enemy-Threatening Mentoring by Chuck Lawless

I’ve been teaching a class on discipleship this week, and I’ve been reminded of this topic. In case you missed the blog the first time, here it is.   

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