It’s a Good Day in Your Walk with God When . . .

  • your spiritual disciplines are a delight rather than a discipline
  • you don’t even have a moment's consideration of that sin that’s haunted you in the past
  • the person you’ve prayed for for many years turns to Christ
  • as a teacher or pastor, you just know that the Spirit of God is working through you
  • your spouse compliments you on the way you love him or her – loving like Jesus does
  • one of your mentees makes the right choice to turn from sin
  • you’re not worried about anything, even though you could be
  • prayer just happens in your life 
  • the missionary for whom you’ve been praying reports a movement of God in his or her region
  • you read your Bible beyond your required reading for the day
  • your child quotes his first memory verse
  • evangelism is easy because you’re so fascinated with Jesus
  • others want you to mentor them because they trust your spiritual commitment
  • a non-believing neighbor or co-worker calls you for prayer
  • you don’t worry about how many dollars you give to God’s work
  • you can’t help but sing about Jesus
  • your boss watches his language because he respects your faith
  • you sleep well because you’re at peace with Him, regardless of what you’re facing
  • forgiveness finally captures you, and you release that friend who wounded you
  • the sermon or devotion so deeply hits you that you know God is speaking directly to you
  • you walk away from a temptation that usually captures you
  • you’re privileged to train believers overseas, and their commitment and gratitude overwhelm you
  • you have the entire Bible in your language and in your hands
  • you love your church more than ever, even with all its defects
  • you can face life, trial, death, and judgment without fear

Even if life is hard for you today, it might be a better day than you thought.  Rejoice!

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