08/24/16 The Nations

READING: Jeremiah 46-48

Today’s reading begins with these words: “The word of the Lord that came to Jeremiah the prophet about the nations” (Jer 46:1). Then, God lists His coming judgments against Egypt, Philisitia, and Moab. Other countries follow in the next chapters. What might sound like chapters disconnected from our contemporary world actually say much to us. 

First, God is the God of the world. He is, of course, the “God of Israel” (Jer 46:25), the One who called out His people — but His creating a nation through Abraham makes Him no less the God of all the nations. He must be that God, for He is the only true God. 

Second, no nation will avoid God’s judgment. In today’s text, He would bring punishment on Egypt’s “gods and her kings, upon Pharaoh and those who trust in him” (Jer 46:25). He would destroy the Philistines (Jer 47:4) and cause Moab to “be ashamed of Chemosh [their god]” (Jer 48:13). Regardless of the size and power of the country, all would answer to the Creator. 

Third, though there is some debate about this text, the Scriptures indicate grief over the judgment on Moab: “Therefore I wail for Moab; I cry out for all Moab” (Jer 48:31). If these words are specifically God’s words, He is still a compassionate God even when He brings judgment. Others argue that these words are Jeremiah’s words, and they reflect his anguish over the catastrophe. Either way, judgment that is justified is nevertheless painful — even when that judgment falls on an enemy.  

I am reminded today to ask these personal questions: Do I love the nations around the world? Do I pray that the nations will turn to God? Do I weep when countries fall under the judgment of God? Or, am I so focused on my own life that I miss the nations in the first place? 


  • Watch, listen to, or read the news today, and pray for each country involved in the major news.    
  • Pray today for nations that have turned to false gods. 

PRAYER: “God, I pray today for our nation, knowing all nations will answer to You.”    

TOMORROW’S READING: Jeremiah 49-50








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