Saturday Suggestions: August 13, 2016

Take a look at these resources to help you this week:

8 Writers Whose Books Have Shaped Me Spiritually by Bruce Ashford

My friend, colleague, and boss tells us about writers who’ve affected him spiritually. Read this blog, then check out some of the writers. A good read.


Three Essential Elements of a Church Communication Plan by Jonathan Howe

It’s simple and helpful. Every church leader should read this blog post.  


A Solution to Political Depression by Alvin Reid

It’s much needed in a day of political craziness. Alvin Reid is one of the most passionate evangelists I know. 


My Six Principles for Starting a College Ministry by Darrick Smith

I believe that reaching college students is critical to reaching the nations. Read this post, and work toward starting or strengthening a college ministry.


15 Church Facility Issues by Chuck Lawless

It happens often that someone asks me a question about a church facility. Here are several issues we’ve seen through years of church consulting.           

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