09/04/16 Standing in the Gap

READING: Ezekiel 21-22

Judgment was at the door for the city of Jerusalem. At God’s command, Ezekiel was to “groan before them with broken heart and bitter grief” (Ezek 21:6). He was to mourn among them, foreshadowing the pain of the coming destruction of the city. Hearts would melt with fear, and every one would be faint (Ezek 21:7). Agony, suffering, grief, and heartache awaited the city, and the prophet was to mark that grief with his own symbolic actions.  

At the same time, God had been looking for one person who would prayerfully “stand before me [God] in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it.”  Sadly, though, God concluded, “but I found no one” (Ezek 22:30). This wasn’t, of course, the first time God sought followers whose presence would stay His judgment. Had He found ten righteous people in Sodom, He would not have destroyed that city — but there were not ten (Gen 18:22-33). In other cases, God brought judgment while also rescuing the few, as In the case of Noah (Gen 6-9). The point is that God has so orchestrated His plan that just a few followers— even one follower —can make a difference.

I’m reminded today of our missionaries who serve around the world, seriously outnumbered by the lost and standing as one of the few followers of Christ. They stand in the gap, and through them God can change cities. 

I think about fellow believers who daily intercede for our nation, pleading with God to stay His judgment on us and bring revival to us. 

And, I’m burdened today about my responsibility to pray for the young men I mentor, asking God to protect them from sinful choices and His resulting judgment. 

Sometimes, just a few people accept the task of praying vigorously for others to follow God. That’s okay, though, since it takes only one person to stand in the gap. God forgive us if He finds no one to do so today.  


  • Stand in the gap for your city and nation today.  
  • As you gather with the people of God on this Lord’s day, intercede for your church leaders.   

PRAYER: “God, I pray for my pastors and my mentees today. Keep them from sin. Grant them grace to walk fully with You. Keep them from Your judgment.”  



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