Saturday Suggestions: October 29, 2016

Take a look at these resources to help you this week:

Church Communication Blind Spots by Kevin D. Hendricks

I hadn’t thought about several of these blinds spots. This post is simple and relevant.


Four Ways to Deal with Annoying Church Members by Katie Orr

All of our churches have them, and all of us need to learn how to deal with them . . . .  


8 Tips for Making Your Meals Missional by Eliza Thomas

I eat meals everyday, but I admit that I don’t think enough about this topic. I have already made a couple of changes based on these ideas.


Eight Ways Pastors Can Cultivate Long-Term Pastorates by Sam Rainer

I always appreciate Sam’s insights, and this post is no different. Be sure to read these practical suggestions.


Nothing by Chuck Lawless

I include this link because I hope that message of this brief devotional will give you hope today.      

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