10 Gifts to Give that Don’t Cost Money

Christmas can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we usually give gifts that don’t last anyway. This Christmas, give one of these gifts to someone:

  1. Gospel. Write somebody an email. Make a phone call. Tell somebody what Jesus means in your life. Share the good news.
  2. Forgiveness. Let somebody off the hook. Love him or her with God’s forgiving love.
  3. Prayer. I suspect you have family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers for whom you seldom pray. Change that pattern this Christmas.
  4. Friendship. You probably know somebody who’s alienated and alone. Reach out, and be a Christian friend.
  5. Confession. If you’ve been a stumbling block in somebody else’s life, confess that sin. Ask forgiveness from anyone before whom you’ve been a bad Christian witness.
  6. Time. It’s probably your family who longs for more of your time. Prioritize your spouse and your children like you never have.
  7. Notes. Express your love in a note or card. Tell somebody you’re proud of him or her. If you’ve never done that before, the gift will be that much more surprising and special.
  8. Rest. Offer to babysit so a young mother can take a break. Fix a meal for a busy family. Do something so somebody else gets a few minutes of rest.
  9. Attention. Put down your computer or phone when somebody’s talking to you. Your undivided attention might catch him or her off guard.
  10. Conversation. Instead of sending an email, use the phone for an actual call. You might also use some form of social media, but personally talk to somebody. Hearing your voice will mean more than reading your words. 

What other gifts would you add to this list? 

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