Saturday Suggestions: December 17, 2016

Check out these recent posts:

Jesus Isn't Threatened by Your Christmas Gifts by Tim Challies

Here's a good look at the ongoing debate about how believers should celebrate Christmas. Gifting good gifts isn't a bad thing at all. 


17 of the Best Church Websites This Christmas by Steve Fogg

A friend recommended this post. I'll confess that the title didn't interest me much, but I'm glad I followed my friend's recommendation. Worth the time.  


Help, I’m the Old Guy on Staff! (How to Manage Millennials with Mercy) by Kurt Bubna

If you work with millennials at all, you need to read this post. Most of us learn these ideas the hard way, so let Kurt help you lead better.  


10 Guiding Principles For Inspiring A Culture Of Appreciation by Paul Sohn 

This post is a concise, helpful summary of David Novak's book, O Great One!. Even those principles I already knew were needed reminders. 


Why I Don't Buy Christmas Gifts for My Wife by Art Rainer

I thought Pam and I were the only spouses who've made a choice not to give Christmas gifts to each other. Now, I've learned that my friend/colleague and his wife have made the same decision. 

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