8 Reasons I Have Internet Accountability on My Computer and Restrictions on My Phone

I’m 56 years old, and I have Internet accountability (Covenant Eyes) on my computer and restrictions on my phone, blocked by a password I don’t know. Here’s why:

  1. I want credibility when I tell others to take precautions. I tell my students and mentees to do whatever it takes – including installing filters or giving away a phone if necessary – to avoid this struggle. I lose credibility if I tell them to do something I’m unwilling to do. This reason was actually the first reason I added Covenant Eyes to my computer.
  2. I know Satan and his forces are real. Paul’s warnings about principalities and powers (Eph. 6:12) weren’t just words on a scroll. They were real, significant, intentional, “stop, think, and pray” warnings. 
  3. I know the power of pornography. Many, if not most, guys do. Even when its usage was decades ago, it’s hard to forget the stronghold it can produce.
  4. I’m not dumb enough to think, “It can’t happen to me.” My teenage and young adult years of struggle were a long time ago, but I’d be foolish to think I will somehow grow out of temptation.
  5. I pray I love God so much that I intentionally put up guardrails against sin. We who claim to love God show that love by our obedience – and obedience sometimes means taking radical steps to avoid sin (Matt. 5:29-30).
  6. I love my wife too much to take a risk. Pam is one of the persons who receives my Covenant Eyes report. Everything in me wants to avoid hurting her.
  7. I don’t want to let down my mentees. A couple of my guys receive my Covenant Eyes report, and one of them set the password and the restrictions on my phone. I don’t want to be the next spiritual leader who lets these guys down.   
  8. I’ve seen the cost of failure in others, and it’s too high. The pain of losing ministries and even families is far greater than any pleasure gained from sin.  

Here’s my point: I think it’s wise to take these steps even if you’re not struggling today.  Let me know your thoughts. 


  • Bob Baur says:

    All of your points are very well made. The internet while it has a tremendous power for good it is also one of Satan’s greatest tools. The anonymity it affords completely negates accountability, something we all need irrespective of our age, gender or station in life.
    I had not heard of Covenant eyes until this moment but a quick web search located it for me & I thank you for that! While I am not currently under the sway of such sin I am also not foolish enough to think I am impervious to it either so will install it on my own electronic devices.
    While it might not be fair, those of us in a pastoral role are held to a higher standard. I also believe Satan has his sights set even more firmly on us so when we fall it hurts not just us but our families, the church & community.

  • Greg Russ says:

    Thanks for writing about this Chuck and offering us real solutions to this cancer that has plagued me and so many others!

  • Such great and valid points. I’ve worked with many women through the years who have shared this same struggle. For whatever reason, society tends to pin this as a male problem, when in reality it affects both sides. Using accountability programs have worked wonders for women I’ve worked with and like you, I must be willing to use them myself to uphold the trust they have in me. I, too, am not naive enough to believe sin can’t grasp me if I’m not building walls against it.

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