Saturday Suggestions: January 14, 2017

Check out these recent posts worth reading:

3 Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick by Jen Pollock Michel

Even if you’ve already broken your resolutions, check out this post. The third way is especially powerful in its simplicity.


Jesus Lessons from the Starbucks Drive Thru by Regi Campbell

Just yesterday, I published a post about how my wife and I give to God’s work, but Regi’s post reminded me of other ways to give.


7 Ways to Offer Constructive Criticism by Ron Edmondson

As usual, Ron’s thoughts are concise, clear, and practical. I don’t like to have hard conversations, so this post was good for me.


Don’t Waste Your Welcome Center by Danny Franks

Good stuff from one of the Connections Pastors at Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC. All of the points are important.


4 Ways to Recognize Lazy Leadership by Eric Geiger

I don’t think I’m a lazy person, but I still saw myself too much in this post. It challenged me.




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