Saturday Suggestions: January 21, 2017

Check out these recent posts. 

12 Leadership Quotes and Lessons from Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers by Brian Dodd

If you’re a football fan, you’ll probably learn something about Rodgers – and about leadership — you didn’t know.


How Saying “No” Can Help You Say “Yes” by Art Rainer

I’m still trying to learn this lesson. The brief point about creating margin was a needed reminder for me.


How to Hire the Right Assistant by Brian Howard

Your assistant is a significant part of your work. Use these principles to hire well.


10 Qualities of the Leaders I Want on My Team by Scott Cochrane

These ten qualities are so simple, they’re profound. I’m glad I found this list.


Preacher Men and Preacher Boys by Craig Thompson

We preachers have a responsibility to train the next generation of preachers. Check out Craig’s recommendations for getting started. 



  • Bill Pitcher says:

    Observations about a couple of these articles:
    On the matter of saying no–a lesson I’ve had to relearn lately–don’t delay on learning this one. The overload will tear you down, steal your joy, adversely impact your family and your ministry. Learn it soon.
    On the matter of “preacher boys,” I’m a firm believer in the mentoring process as that was my path to the ministry–at age 60. Now, maybe it’s my age, my northern ears (as it’s largely a term out of the south), or the way I’ve heard the term used; but often I hear it to be condescending–markedly so–even in some cases to be demeaning. Just a caution to the way it is used.

  • Chuck Lawless says:

    Thanks, Bill.

  • Brian Dodd says:

    Chuck, thanks for the inclusion about my post on Aaron Rodgers. That is very kind. You have a wonderful site and are impacting countless leaders!

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