02/06/17 Just As the Lord Commanded

READING: Exodus 39-40, Matthew 23:23-39

“Just as the Lord had commanded Moses . . . .”

Exodus 39:1

It’s hard to miss this phrase in today’s Old Testament reading: “just as the Lord had commanded.” In fact, this phrase or a similar one occurs 18 times in the 81 verses of these two chapters of Exodus! God gave detailed instructions about priestly garments and tabernacle construction, and the people of God did exactly what God required. The people were not always as faithful or obedient, but this time their work met the expectations of Moses and more importantly, God. As a result, Moses blessed the people (Exo. 39:43), and “the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle” (Exo. 40:34). So powerful was the glory of God that Moses could not even enter the place of meeting.  

I long to see God’s glory in such force. Thus, today is one of those days when the Word leads me to do some heavy-duty self-analysis, particularly using our reading of the book of Matthew as a guide:

  • Have I truly repented, just as Jesus commanded?
  • Do I let my light shine before men to glorify the Father, just as Jesus commanded?
  • Do I so detest my sin that I take drastic steps to avoid it, just as Jesus commanded?
  • Do I love my enemies and pray for them, just as Jesus commanded?
  • Do I pray like Jesus commanded?
  • Do I let go of worry and trust God, just as Jesus commanded?
  • Do I deny myself and take up my cross to follow Him, just as Jesus commanded?
  • Do I lovingly confront those who sin, just as Jesus commanded?
  • Do I truly love God with all my being, just as Jesus commanded?
  • Do I love my neighbors as myself, just as Jesus commanded?
  • Do I humble myself, just as He commanded?

I consider these questions, and I realize I have much room to grow if I long for God’s power and presence to be evident in my life. Would you say a prayer for me today? 


  • Use the questions above to evaluate your own life.  
  • Pray for others to walk with God, and ask a friend to pray for you today.  

PRAYER: “God, grant me grace to serve You completely – to do all that You command.”

TOMORROW'S READING: Leviticus 1-3, Matthew 24:1-28

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