Saturday Suggestions: February 18, 2017

Check out these recent posts and resources:

Seven Steps to Getting the Unchurched Interested in Your Church by Sam Rainer

“People are now more receptive to attending a church event in which a community problem is solved.” Sam says. Really helpful post.


Great Leadership Often Starts with a Broken Heart by Brandon Cox

I agreed with this concept before I read this post, but this post still challenged me to check my heart.   


Filling the Seats on Your Bus by Jason Gaston

If your church is considering hire someone, these guidelines are important to know.   


Enter the IMB Photo Library

This one’s a resource rather than a blog post.  Check out and use these phenomenal photos from around the world.


Six Markers of Especially Welcoming Churches by Greg Atkinson

Be sure to read these insights gained from secret shoppers.    



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