10 Ways My Mentor Has Changed My Life

Our guest blogger today is Trevor Forbis, a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where he is pursuing a B.A in philosophy. He is a member of Restoration Church in Wake Forest, NC while he is also completing the Pastoral Apprenticeship at The Summit Church.

One of the most influential people in my life today is my mentor. As a young man whose parents divorced at an early age, I have never had a man commit himself to walk alongside me as I sought to pursue Jesus. Now, in over a year of walking through life together, I have found 10 specific things my mentor has done that have changed my life:

1.He intentionally prays with me. I don’t recall a moment that we haven’t started or ended our time in prayer together. By his physically modeling prayer, he has spiritually molded me.

2.He asks the hard questions. He has committed to love me with grace and truth through my darkest times. It is an amazing feeling to have someone who I can be completely open with.

3.He includes me on trips. This travel creates intentional opportunities for us to get away together, and humbles me to know that he really enjoys spending time with me.

4.He studies God’s Word with me. This was really exciting for me because I know he is letting me in on one of the most significant times of his day. His discipline and guidance in the scriptures push me to grow in my devotional time.

5.He shares his struggles. He makes sure I know he is in the trenches, too. This takes a lot of stress off me to know that he, too, is human!

6.He equips me. There are many moments where I have lacked finances, resources and a helping hand. He has provided, given, and walked alongside me with open hands, with just enough push to help and stretch me.

7.He brings me into his family. Even if it's just inviting me to dinner or standing around the kitchen table talking, I see him best when he is with his bride.

8.He is available. My mentor is extraordinarily busy, yet he opens his schedule for me regardless. And when he is away, he keeps an open line of communication for me.

9.He gives me priority. I’ve learned I need someone who I can go to at any time. My mentor has committed to put our relationship as a priority in his life, and I value our time more because of that.

10.He calls me his own. Although this seems small, his identifying me in that way communicates more than a friendship, but a lifelong journey.

In what ways has your mentor changed your life? Maybe it is something he or she has said, done or lived out. Take a moment to share one those moments with us.

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