7 Evangelistic Things to Put on Your “To Do” List This Easter Week

Today begins a new workweek – the week before Easter. If you are a follower of Christ, be sure to put these things on your “to do” list this week, and then prayerfully do them!

  1. MONDAY: Thank God for the grace to be His child. Billions of people around the world have no such access to the Good News that led to your salvation. Don’t take that access for granted.
  2. TUESDAY: Tell somebody in your family the story of your own salvation. If your children are old enough to understand but don’t know your story, start there. Pick any relative, and tell about God’s grace in your life. Somebody in your family will listen.  
  3. WEDNESDAY: Pray specifically for the non-believing neighbors who live closest to you. You’re not there by accident; God put you where you live to be a light in darkness. If you don’t know the spiritual condition of your neighbors, move on to the next point . . . .
  4. THURSDAY: Make an effort to get to know a neighbor. Take a neighbor to lunch. Don’t pass up opportunities to talk in the driveway. Let your neighbors know of your commitment to pray for them, and see what needs they have.
  5. FRIDAY: Invite at least five unchurched people to church with you on Easter Sunday. Make a phone call. Send an email. Talk directly. Push yourself – you can find five people. Reach out to several folks, and trust that somebody will come to church and hear the gospel on Easter.
  6. SATURDAY: Pray specifically for an international neighbor or co-worker. God is bringing the nations to us so they might hear the gospel. Focus your prayer efforts today on international folks you know. Many follow faiths for whom Easter Sunday means nothing.
  7. SUNDAY: Rejoice in the resurrection – and then tell somebody about it!

May God give you a great week!

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