10 Ways to Improve Your Ministry Today

Here are some simple ways from the ministry of Jesus to improve your ministry today:

  1. Agree up front to be obedient to God. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayed, “Not as I will, but as You will” (Matt. 26:39), but this cry marked His entire life. Your ministry can be stronger today if you can say with integrity, “Your will be done – whatever that is.”
  2. Get over yourself. Jesus was the Son of God, yet He pointed away from Himself to the Father. His desire was to please the Father always (John 8:29), following His commands even to His death (John 10: 17-18). Decide today that you are not the most important person in your ministry, and your work will be stronger.
  3. Teach with clarity and relevance. Those around Him said nobody ever taught with authority like Jesus did (Mark 1:27). He taught, though, with simple images relevant to His hearers like a farmer sowing seed and houses with foundations. If you want to improve your ministry today, remember your responsibility is to communicate the gospel, not impress with your knowledge or ability.
  4. Take the gospel to non-believers. Jesus came for the sick, not for the well (Matt. 9:12). Take time today to tell somebody about the story of Jesus. You’ll likely find your ministry to be much more exciting because you did what Jesus did.
  5. Develop gospel sensitivity to others. Maybe you remember the story of the bleeding woman who touched Jesus’ garment in Mark 5. A large crowd pressed around Jesus, but still He felt the distinct touch of a desperate woman. If you want to strengthen your ministry, ask God to help you today not to walk past hurting people.
  6. Take somebody with you when you do ministry. Jesus called His disciples to walk with Him, watch Him, and listen to Him. Inviting others to do ministry with us is both protective (it provides accountability) and productive (it provides training).
  7. Invest in 2-3 others. Jesus had 12 disciples, of course, but He focused on Peter, James, and John. You can strengthen your ministry by deciding to pour your life into 2-3 others today.
  8. Release others, and then hold them accountable. Jesus modeled faithfulness for His followers, gave them instructions, sent them as His representatives, and corrected them when necessary (Luke 10:1-12, 17-20). Today, let your church members do their work, and then help them through supportive accountability.
  9. Pray for your co-laborers. Jesus prayed all night before calling His disciples (Luke 6:12-13). He interceded for them and for those who would believe through their work (John 17). Spend significant time today praying for your co-laborers, and you might find their ministry boosts yours.
  10. Get alone with God when you need it. Even when the crowds wanted to hear Him and the sick wanted His healing, Jesus prioritized time with the Father (Luke 5:15-16). Push away from the crowds long enough to be renewed today, and then get back to the task. Your ministry will be stronger.

Tell us which of these ten you want to work on, and we’ll pray with you.


  • John W Carlton says:

    I need help with #s 1 & 10, especially now that my dr. has limited my preaching and singing.

  • I need much prayer for items 6 to 9. We are a small rural church comprising of mainly elderly people. Our young people go away for either work or further their education in bigger towns.

  • Prophet Oluwaseun Elijah Betiku says:

    2,4,5,6,9, pls help pray on it and I need financial help,so if there’s anyway to help us pls do, God will help you too, Amen.thank you

  • Peace says:

    Thanks for what’s have read. I have a problem in my ministry, getting committed people is difficult. They become commited for a while and become reluctant.

    I’m also trusting God for finance to boost the work of God.

    Kindly help.


    I want to start working for MINITSRY OF JESUS UNDER HIS OWN GUIDANCE. iI want to pray for that.

  • Karish Almas says:

    Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ Have a Blessed day My dear brother I’m Sunday school teacher work for God in villages, outreach areas and brick’s yard in Pakistan
    my dad is Pastor and we whole family doing independent work for God we are working in Sunday school children’s we want to help them with gifts and sunday school books I humbly request you brother Please if God touch your heart Help us So Kids receive God’s Love and blessing I hope brother you’ll respond me brother

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