14 “New” Things to Do at Church This Weekend

Want to do some new things at church this weekend? See if any of these suggestions would be a “new” thing in your life:

  1. Invite somebody to go with you.
  2. Skip breakfast before church, and instead fast and pray.
  3. Get to church before the service starts.  
  4. Prepare your heart by forgiving that church member or leader who’s made you mad.
  5. Sit closer to the front, leaving room in the back for guests who come late.
  6. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.
  7. Sing for God’s glory, even if you don’t like the song.
  8. Increase your offering by at least 25 percent
  9. If you use your phone for your Bible, stay off the Internet during the service.
  10. Listen closely to the sermon to see what God has to say to you. Take notes.   
  11. Plan to do something different in your life because of the preached Word.
  12. Personally thank your pastor for leading your church.
  13. Stay longer after church, and actually talk to people.
  14. When you get in the car as you leave, lead your family to thank God for your church


  • Allen Lawless says:

    Not that there is quite a fantastic list. My prayer is that people read this and put it into action.

  • Robin Jordan says:

    I am a former licensed minister and a member of the preaching team of a small church here in western Kentucky. On Sundays I am preaching, I go to church early, practice my sermon and make last minute changes, practice the songs we will be singing, and pray for the church and its revival by the Holy Spirit, for those who will be attending the worship service, and those who for whatever reason will be absent Except for practicing my sermon and making changes, I do this also on the Sundays I am not preaching. I make a point of greeting any visitors and chatting with them.

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