Saturday Suggestions: July 15, 2017

Be sure to check out these recent posts:

Five Ways a Sending Church Can Support the Family of a Planter by Steve Canter

This “post” is actually a video clip. Worth watching, even if your church is not yet a sending church.


The Best Church Websites I’ve Seen in 2017 by Steve Fogg

I’m not an expert in the social media arena, but I learned a lot about good websites in this post.


10 Leadership Lessons from the Navy Seals by Brian Dodd

Read (and listen to as well) the lessons that Naval Admiral William H. McRaven recently gave in a commencement address.


4 Things Every Kid Needs to Know about the Bible by Trevin Wax

In explaining the Gospel Project curriculum, Trevin summarizes four truths that kids need to know. Adults need to know these truths, too.


The Ten Commandments of a Pastor’s Vacation by Sam Rainer

I admit it. I break most of these. That’s why I needed to read this post. 

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