Saturday Suggestions: July 22, 2017

Check out these recent important posts:

Do You Know How to Rebuke? by Marshall Segal

I don’t like to rebuke anyone, but I want to do it well when I do. I’ll keep this post handy.


5 Words of Advice for Young Seminarians by Jared Wilson

Actually, these words can apply to all of us. Check them out.


3 Things the Gospel Says When You’re Overwhelmed by Michael Kelley

If you aren’t overwhelmed now, you will be at some point. We need this kind of simple advice in those hours.


7 Ways Your Short-term Mission Trip Can Have Long-Term Impact by Bryan Stoudt

If you and/or your church are planning a short-term trip this year, you need to read this helpful information.


4 Things to Do When You’re Having an “Off” Day/Week/Month by Selma Wilson

Those days come to all of us—we have great plans, but interruptions mess up everything. This post will prepare you for a healthy response. 

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