Top Ten Posts of January-June 2017

Thank you, readers, for your faithfulness to this blog and website. Below are the most read posts for the first half of this year. I pray you enjoy them if you missed them the first time. 

  1. 12 Things Pastors Can’t Do
  2. 10 Church Member Contradictions that Frustrate Pastors
  3. 10 “Not’s” to Remember as You Attend Church This Weekend
  4. 11 Weak Reasons to Leave a Church
  5. 7 Reasons Pastoring a Church is Harder Today
  6. How to Talk to Your Pastor – or Not – on the Way to the Service
  7. 10 Factors that Help Long-Term Pastors Stay at Their Church
  8. 6 Ways to Sing Better in Worship This Weekend
  9. 11 Pains of Being a Pastor
  10. 10 Signs That a Church Has No Clear Vision

Thanks again for being a reader!  

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