12 Reasons You Need to Pray for Your Pastor on this Saturday

It’s Saturday. Many pastors need our prayers today, and here are some reasons why:

  1. Some have had crazy weeks, and they just need to rest before preaching tomorrow. Ministry gets that way sometimes.
  2. Some have also had crazy weeks, and they need today to finalize their sermon. That happens, too.
  3. Some are bi-vocational, and today is the only day they have to focus on their sermon. The rest of the week, they’re working secular jobs so they can lead their church.
  4. Some will preach tonight. Most churches don’t have a Saturday night service, but many do.
  5. Some have wrestled with sin this week, and they desperately want their heart to be right for tomorrow. Pastors are human, too.
  6. Some have deep family issues, and they’re already distracted this weekend. Sometimes it’s their marriage. At other times, it’s their wayward children. In some cases, it might even be their parents.
  7. Some are struggling with their calling to their particular church. No one else may know that, but they carry a unique burden alone every time they step into the pulpit.
  8. Some know they haven’t managed their time well this week. All the preparation for tomorrow is now piled up on them, and they are dealing with guilt.
  9. All want to honor the Lord with their preaching. No pastors I know want to do anything less than please the Lord with their message.
  10. Some are super excited about preaching, and they run the risk of doing it in their own power. Most of us struggle with this issue at some point in our ministry.
  11. Some are facing internal church struggles, and their hearts are heavy. Sadly, even going to the church building brings pain. 
  12. They bear the responsibility of leading God’s church. For that reason alone, they need our prayers.

I encourage you to take some time right now and pray for your pastors. 


  • Daniel L. Casselberry says:

    This particular week in Florida. some had prepared a wonderful sermon but can’t give it because of hurricane Irma!

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