What Kind of Shadow Are You Leaving Behind?

Acts 5:15 tells us that the people of Jerusalem “even carried out the sick into the streets and laid them on cots and mats, that as Peter came by at least his shadow might fall on some of them.” Apparently, those who came even near the presence of Peter experienced the power of God in his shadow.

This strange story makes me wonder why kind of “shadow” I leave behind. Which of these describes the shadow you leave?

  1. Genuine faith. People just know by your choices and your actions that you seriously trust God.
  2. Arrogant negativism. Regardless of what happens, you find the negative first.
  3. Unbounded love. You genuinely love all people, and you love them deeply.
  4. Family neglect. Even if you’re seemingly a good leader, other people see that you give too little attention to your immediate family.
  5. Ongoing criticism. Unless you do it yourself, you criticize everything somebody else does.
  6. Sacrificial giving. Others see you as a giving person because you give time, dollars, and effort to the work of God.
  7. Evangelistic fire. You share the gospel with everyone you see, and others have come to expect it.
  8. Material idolatry. You have a lot of stuff, and it’s obvious you’re proud of it.
  9. Christian hypocrisy. You claim to be Christian, but your actions and your words suggest otherwise.
  10. Prayer passion. People turn to you with needs because they trust that you touch heaven with your prayers.
  11. Continual selfishness. Everything is somehow about you.
  12. Unfocused distractedness. You never really pay attention to anyone else, perhaps because your cell phone has become your god.
  13. Global focus. Anyone who knows you knows that you love the nations and want them to know Jesus.
  14. Committed dad (or mom). Everyone knows by your actions how committed you are to the children you love.

What shadow do you think you're leaving behind? And more importantly, what would those who know you best say? They see your shadow better than you do . . . .  


  • Larry Black says:

    Dr. Lawless, I appreciate this post. I teach that each of us are creating a legacy, but what kind of legacy will we leave behind. I have a friend whose tag line on his email reads, “When I die, and everyone who knew me dies, will it be as though I never lived, or will I live on through those whose lives I have touched for Christ?” This carries the same thought, and this posts theme.
    thank you,

  • Blessings, Larry. Thanks.

  • Mark says:

    My question is, will multiple people give similar answers? I have known people who were one way to some people and the opposite to others.

  • Deb says:

    Really excellent post, Chuck. Thought-provoking and convicting. Need to go to the mat on this one. Also, Larry Black, you cast a long and Godly shadow, Brother. You, too, Chuck. Appreciate you. Blessings all around.

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