8 Reasons Why Your Church Needs to Connect with the Nearest College or University

I don’t know your church’s location, but I suspect that it may be within driving distance of a college or university campus. If so, your congregation needs to connect with that campus. Here’s why:

  1. The mission field of the world is probably there. Many international students come to the States to study, and they often come from countries to which it’s difficult to send missionaries. Perhaps God is bringing them here to hear the gospel.
  2. A spiritually hungry generation is there. They may not always be looking to Christianity for their answers, but they’re looking somewhere. Believers need to be on their radar screen.
  3. Your church might help plant a new church near the university campus. Strategic college churches are reaching people. Maybe your congregation needs to help support such a plant.
  4. Many collegiate ministries want to connect with local churches. Some are more intentional about this commitment than others, but most ministries recognize that they need to partner with local churches. Sometimes, however, they struggle finding churches that are ready to help. Your church can be different.
  5. It’s likely that many students there have no one praying for them. Think about it – if most are not believers, they may not even think about others praying for them. Even if your church begins simply by prayerwalking the campus, you can make a difference.
  6. You might find future interns and staff members there. Collegiate ministries often include students who sense a call to ministry and are itching for opportunities to serve and minister. They’re especially eager if you’re willing to actually mentor them in the process.
  7. Christian professors there might prove to be a valuable resource. Check with collegiate ministers to find out if any professors are believers. You may find, for example, a believing ethics professor or a counseling professor who can help train your church’s staff, leaders, and parents.
  8. Your own church members might be there. Too often, churches forget about their students as soon as they graduate from high school and begin college. That’s never good, and it’s especially bad when students are in college within driving distance of the church.

What other reasons would you add to this list? 


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