Saturday Suggestions: November 11, 2017

Check out these recent posts: 

How is Ministry Made More Difficult in the Bible Belt? by Matt Chandler

It’s just a brief video clip, but a helpful answer to this important question.


7 Unwritten Rules of Church Leadership by Carey Nieuwhof

This one made me laugh out loud. Enjoy it—and appreciate God’s grace.


9 Lessons for Self-Absorbed Leaders by Brian Dodd

Brian’s use of a video clip to speak to some leadership lessons is really well done. This post challenged me.


Explain the Why by Danny Franks

I’m convinced that most church people will follow us if we clearly explain the “why” behind our choices. Danny helps us to understand “why” the “why” is important. 


Preaching When You Wake Up Feeling Like Crap on Sunday Morning by Sam Rainer

It happens to all of us. Sam will help prepare you for the next time it happens to you.  


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