Saturday Suggestions: November 18, 2017

Check out these recent posts:

How Christians Can Share the Gospel More Fearlessly by J.D. Greear

It’s simple and short, but encouraging and convicting. Take a couple of minutes to hear J.D.’s thoughts.


Eight Ways Churches Can Leverage the Ubiquity of Smartphones by Jonathan Howe

Jonathan knows this stuff – and he always thinks in terms of how best to help a local church.


Signs of Life: 7 Ways to Find a Great Small Church to Attend and Serve by Karl Vaters

Regardless of your church’s size, you’ll likely find this post challenging. See if you agree with Karl’s suggestions. 


Living on Mission in the Bible Belt by Jenna Fleming

Don’t miss this pastor’s wife’s honest reflections, followed by her helpful suggestions to make a difference in a churched place.


How Long, O Lord by Scott Hildreth

Others have written on the recent tragic church shooting in Texas, but Scott does so from a missiological perspective. Worth reading. 

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