Saturday Suggestions: March 3, 2018

Check out these helpful posts:

5 Differences between Tour Guide Leaders and Travel Agent Leaders by Eric Geiger

I travel a lot, so this title caught my attention. The content kept my attention.


The Blessings of a Portable Church by Lori McDaniel

The church we attend is a “portable” church right now. I agree with Lori’s thoughts.


Why Pastors Should Use More Historical Illustrations in Sermons by Sam Rainer

Interesting. Thoughtful. Insightful. This post made me think hard about my sermons.


Signs of Faithfulness in a Local Church by Dean Inserra

This one is just a very short video clip, but it will help you evaluate your church.


How to Give an Effective Missions Testimony by Alvin Reid

If your church does mission trips, this post will help your folks tell the story. 

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