10 Ways to Pray for Children’s Workers this Weekend

Every week in our churches, many volunteers serve in our children’s departments. I’m afraid, though, that we pray too little for them and their important work. Would you take a few minutes today and pray for your church’s children’s workers?  

  1. Pray they will be walking with the Lord themselves. Even if children don’t always understand how important one’s walk is, we adults do. Workers cannot assume their commitment matters less since they’re “only teaching children.”  
  2. Pray they will see the significance of what they do. For some children, these adults are the most consistent adults they ever see—including in their own homes. They may also be the most loving adults some children know. 
  3. Pray they will see themselves as much more than childcare workers. That’s not what they’re to be doing; they’re teaching and laying the foundation for children to serve the Lord for the rest of their lives. 
  4. Pray all will show up—or will take appropriate steps to notify leaders. It’s burdensome—and can even be dangerous—when too few adults are present to take care of children.  
  5. Pray they will be wise in dealing with children. So many things are important to consider: safety issues, health issues, allergy issues, discipline issues, teaching issues, etc. Children’s workers need much wisdom. 
  6. Pray they will make sure children hear the gospel. It’s tempting to do a lot of fun things and teach too little for children. Pray the teachers will plan fun stuff while also teaching the good news of Jesus. 
  7. Pray they will teach at a child’s level without compromising the gospel. Some workers make one of two mistakes when teaching children: they either teach at an adult comprehension level, or they weaken the gospel to get to a child’s level. It takes skill to communicate the gospel well to children.  
  8. Pray they will wisely follow established policies and procedures. Churches have these policies in place to protect the worker and the children – and to maintain the strong testimony and witness of the church. Workers need to pay attention to the accepted standards.
  9. Pray they will remember that children seem to hear everything others say—and often repeat it. Workers shouldn’t be saying unrepeatable things anyway, but this reminder is still a wise one to follow. If children repeat something workers say, let it be the gospel and Bible stories. 
  10. Pray they will be wisely alert to their surroundings. I wish I didn’t need to add this prayer, but our world is dangerous. All of us need to be alert without being paranoid. 

Children’s workers, what would you add to this list? 


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